Are you ready for your manifesting to be easy?

I mean REALLY easy??

Not everyone is, believe it or not.  Some people are so programmed to believe it takes hard work to earn our reward that not everyone is truly up for letting it be EASY to get what we want.

As someone who has worked with hundreds of people to be more successful manifesters, I know what strong tendencies we have to make it harder than it really is.  I've been there myself!

But it is possible to liberate yourself from old tendencies of making this manifesting work harder than it really is.  I personally believe it's time to embrace ease and effortless like never before!  Not just because we can, but because it actually also turns out to be more effective.

You probably already know what an incredible variety of instructions, processes, systems, and exercises are out there for deliberate creators.

It's easy to be confused or even discouraged by some of the complicated and conflicting information coming from all the different books, seminars, DVDs, experts, etc.

If you've found yourself wondering what the best way is to create your own reality, you're not alone.  Even after - or maybe especially after - wading through all the law of attraction material out there, some folks still aren't confident about what they're supposed to be doing:

Daily visualizations?

Guided meditations?

Obsessive affirmations?

Discovering and releasing limiting beliefs?

Redirecting every negative thought?

As a full time law of attraction coach for several years now, I've worked with lots of people who find manifesting what they want can sometimes be a slow and frustrating process.

I think it's time for us to realize it can be much more simple than some of us have been making it!

Getting what we want turns out to be way easier than many of us deliberate creators actually practice.

Have you ever found yourself wondering any of these things?

  • Do I really have to be crystal clear about what I want?  (What if I don't exactly?)

  • What if my higher self doesn't agree with this desire?  Is it possible that's why it's not happening?

  • Do I really have to visualize every day?  For how long?

  • Do I have to feel it with high energy and emotion before it works?

  • What about my limiting beliefs - how do I know if I have them and whether they're a problem?  What do I do about those?

These are the sorts of questions that can get us spinning our manifesting wheels and frustrating ourselves instead of consistently and joyfully bringing our dreams to life.

Or maybe you’re familiar with one of these scenarios:

  • Your bookshelf is filled with every book ever published on law of attraction.  You can quote this material by heart to others, but there’s some sort of disconnect that keeps it from working for you.

  • You’ve kept a very disciplined manifesting routine (maybe guided meditations, daily visualizations, scripting, acting as if, affirmations, etc.) and yet nothing is happening.

  • You don’t know where to start, it’s all so confusing or unpleasant, so you haven’t done anything at all to begin your deliberate creation practice.

  • You’re really good at manifesting the “little” things like rock star parking and free lunches, but can’t seem to make it work on the “big” stuff that really matters to you.

  • You’ve watched other people who aren’t even trying that hard manifest really amazing stuff in their life, which drives you crazy because you’re doing all the “right” things but not getting results.

I know how easy it is to wear ourselves out trying to figure this law of attraction stuff out.

That’s where Manifesting Made Simple comes in.

It’s my take on what works best, which turns out to be a lot more ease and effortlessness, and not trying so hard.

It's what I've been practicing myself lately, and encouraging my clients to embrace as well.

Instead of making this law of attraction stuff hard work or complicated processes, it actually works better when we let it be easy and simple.  That's what the three step Manifesting Made Simple system is designed to help you practice.

Who am I to write a book on using law of attraction?

I am Jeannette Maw, aka the Good Vibe Coach, committed to inspiring fellow creators to embrace their highest powers to get what they want.

In coaching others and playing with law of attraction myself for over a decade, I've noticed that we often make this stuff harder than it really is.  And making it complicated or working hard for it actually slows up our success.

That’s why I wrote Manifesting Made Simple.  So we can shake off the efforting and struggling and instead play it easy and relaxed.  You'll find it's a magical approach!

You can find me online as the publisher of Good Vibe Blog, the party host at Good Vibe University, the publisher of Get What You Want newsletter, a regular contributor to Catalyst Magazine for law of attraction pieces, and the co-founder and coach trainer at Good Vibe Coach Academy. What all that means is that I live and breathe LOA.  This is my passion, it's what I dream about at night (literally), it’s what I happily spend my days on … in a nutshell, it’s my highest inspiration to share this with others.

This three step system is based on what I learned through my years as a practicing deliberate creator myself, as well as with the hundreds of fellow creators I’ve supported in my coaching practice.

It’s a short book (38 pages), but that's also the point.  It doesn't have to be hard!  Simple and easy works better!

I believe this is all you really need to know about using your creative power to manifest what you want, whatever that might be.

Whether it’s more money, better relationships, more romantic prospects, a nicer place to live, professional success, a healthier body, a smokin' hot body - whatever you want – Manifesting Made Simple is designed to help you know how to best create it.

If you don’t agree, let me know for a full refund, no questions asked.

This book is not for anyone who:

  • Believes successful manifesting takes a lot of struggle, effort or work
  • Believes that only certain people are meant to be good at this manifesting stuff
  • Is interested in rooting out limiting beliefs passed on during childhood or since
  • Thinks it takes a long time to get what you want

If you are attached to any of those thoughts or experiences, you’re not likely to be a fan of Manifesting Made Simple.

If, however ...

.... you’re ready to let it be easy

… if you’re ready to let it get really good without having to work hard for it,

… and you’re interested in having support to practice it that way ...

... you'll find this is right up your alley.  

I don’t believe there’s any one way for all of us, or that we all have to agree on what works best.

I just wanted to share what my own manifesting practice has evolved in to, and what I think might serve some of you as well.

Manifesting Made Simple offers you:

The 3 step system to easily and quickly get what you want

11 common manifesting obstacles and how to dissolve them

A troubleshooting guide to refer to in the case your manifesting gets stuck

The 7 most common myths and misperceptions about law of attraction

3 case studies where we see the principles at work in real life stories

And a resource guide to help you cut through the noise about law of attraction support.

You can pick up your copy now for $17, which includes two short audio recordings.  One of those recordings is an “essential summary” designed to keep you on track with the Manifesting Made Simple system; the other is a short Q&A session with questions asked by other deliberate creators.

It’s risk-free for you to check out with the money back guarantee.

I pulled a couple of recent emails from my inbox to share what some of my former clients and customers have to say about my work:

I just had to write you Jeannette.  I want to tell you how much you helped me today.  Your interview with Carrie was a real vibe lifter for me, that's for sure.

I desire a successful business but my beliefs are telling me I'm not good enough, it will never happen, etc. that kind of dumb stuff.  I do affirmations but I have a problem with staying with it.  I'll do them for a few days and then I give up.  Which I know is stupid.  But anyway, I really enjoyed listening to you talk about that.  Heck, I enjoyed everything you talked about.  I don't get to hear your voice very often but I'm lucky I did today - very uplifting.  I can't thank you enough for all the sharing you did today - not to mention how you have helped me more than you know since first meeting you a few years ago.

Many thanks.

I really appreciate you ALOT and tell everyone about you. You seriously have gifts, girl and I knew it the second I heard you speak and even before when I read you on Twitter and in the Catalyst and didn't even know it was the same person!!   I have heard hundreds of inspirational speakers in churches and seminars and you reaLLy are one of my favorite people to listen to I DIG for anything recorded by you. I want to listen to more of you. It's a pep talk every time I get off track or just need a boost in the mornings while I'm cleaning the kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to listen to you!!!   I wish you had more things like Money Mojo. I listen to your calls again and again.

You've got LIGHT.

Thank you for sharing your light and your truth with me!

Jeannette, here are just a few of the things I appreciate about you:

• Your courage to bring your dream into reality.
• Your generosity in helping others bring their dreams into reality.
• Your devotion to your own growth and well-being.
• Your deep desire to support others in their own growth and well-being.
• Your willingness to work through the tough stuff.
• Your wisdom in knowing that partnering demonstrates your strength, not weakness.
• Your ability to shift perspectives, which creates your world anew!

Thank you, Jeannette, for making this world a better place with your presence!

Loving and appreciating you -

OK - what your interviewer said is SOOO true. Jeannette, you really DO have a way of making me believe anything is possible. I believe it.. but the way you write/speak makes me REALLY believe it. I don't know how to explain it, but she's right on track when she says that. Your writings/voice give me a sense of ease like.. "ok. it IS true."


Jeannette Maw has helped me clear SO much mental clutter. Every time I get in a funk she smacks me around until I pull my head out of my butt. (JK!) What she really does in the most loving, helpful, open~minded SUGGESTION kind of way is she helps me steer my ship (mind) back into the coastal stream so it stops being hard. I really, really do think she is the best coach for strong willed, creative people like me that are just NOT about a frickin' formula. She suggests it like you thought of it...kindof! She helps me get back on track!!!

Thank you SO much for sharing your incredible gift- we are so honored.  We LOVED your material and really feel you will help take us all to the next level.

(You guys are making me blush!)

If you're ready for effortless, easy manifesting, download your digital copy now by clicking the order button below.  (You’ll be taken to a download page and also receive an email with download instructions.)

Whatever you engage to become a more powerful deliberate creator, I wish you all the best success with it!

Love & Miracles –

Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach

PS – please write and let me know what unfolds for you as you put this system into practice!  I always love hearing your success stories.

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